Why do I need RPA Robots working in my organization?

This is one of the questions that popped up in my messenger few days ago. I thought I’ll answer this question sans’ the regular Robotic Process Automation a.k.a┬áRPA marketing jargon. Better, I’ll explain this via taking John, the baker as an example. (The same guy in my other article “Putting Data Driven Business Decisions in simple way“)

Why do I need RPA Robots working in my organization?

Growth of his John’s Bakery Business

By using latest tools and analytics, John has grown his business from a single bakery to a multi-chain spread across the city. What started with him and two assistants has now 100+ people working in it. He has digitized the Business operations with a help of multitude of systems such as CRM , ERP, Payroll suites and all the communications to the employees, customers, vendors happen through emails.

Multitude of Back office operations

To take care of the systems, he started by taking help of employing an assistant. Soon the number doubled and tripled and eventually grown to double digits, but so did the volume of operations and data flowing into the systems.

Whenever John went into his office, he could see the team frantically transferring data from one system to another. He could also see that there is a rise in data errors leading to hit in the business. The alternative is to make these systems talk to each other but he did not want to go down that route because much capital was already spent putting these systems in place.

The operations team also faced people leaving the team due to the huge load of mundane work and time pressure. Finding new people to the team is also a concern because of increasing operations costs hitting the bottom line.

Enter the Robot workforce

John took help from the same friend who introduced him to the world of analytics. The friend advised him to implement Robotic Process Automation a.k.a RPA in his organization. John followed him up and took the help of a RPA vendor and went ahead to implement the Digital workforce in his organization.

Results of RPA

Within weeks of RPA implementation, John could see the returns on his investment. The bots are working 24×7 and are handling the huge amount of transactions effortlessly. The vendors get payments on-time for their invoices, warehouses never run out of stock, payrolls are processed automatically, etc. All this happens on-time, every time with no errors. His employees who were released from the mundane work are working on other value-adding work.

John finally heaved a relief and went back to focus on what was really important, growing his business to greater heights.

End Note

Although this seemed to a simple story, RPA application can reap benefits in all organizations of all sizes. I personally feel that all mundane work could / should be done with a digital workforce and humans should be left to do much higher order work.

This article first appeared in LinkedIn. Check it out here.