Using Hand Dryer in restrooms pose serious health risk

We have used the hand dryer atleast once in a mall or a movie theater we’ve visited. One can always notice these gadgets in the restrooms. They look stylish and some consider it even fun to operate. The highly used Hand air dryers like the one below are posing a grave health risk. Especially the ones that are operated in public restrooms.

Using Hand Dryer pose health risk

How Hand Dryer works?

The machine is designed in such a way that when a person places his/her hands near it , a strong stream of warm air is blown across them for a certain period of time. This warm air stream dries the wet hands of the user. A simple yet effective way to do the job of a hand tissue , minus the environmental risk of cutting trees.

The inherent risk in a Hand Dryer

Gadgets like Dyson hand dryer assumes the user has cleaned his hands well and has disinfected the potential germs they may posses. In this perfect scenario , the hand dryer merely spreads water vapor in the surrounding area of its usage. But that may not be the case when it comes to realty.There have been many instances where people use the restroom and don’t wash their hands well. When these people use the dryer, the machine literally blows off germs present like projectiles into the surrounding area. The people in that place have a high risk of catching an infection from those germ projectiles.

How grave is the risk?

Compared with paper towels , these machines are known to spread 1300 times as many germs as a paper towel would spread. This has been verified in the recent studies published in the  Journal of Applied Microbiology. These machines can fire these germ projectiles to a distance of 0.25 meters which increases the severity when compared to a normal paper towel which cannot do that. After conducting many tests, it has been found that there are 100 times more viral particles present in the air after using these dryers compared to the paper towels.

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