Use Of Cannabis As A Medicine by Brave Mykayla

Brave Mykayla

Brave Mykayla

I came across about Brave Mykayla recently

“Mykayla Comstock was diagnosed with intermediate risk T-Cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia on July 14th, 2012. Ten days after diagnosis she procured her Oregon medical marijuana card (OMMP) and began ingesting Rick Simpson oil not only to mitigate the side-effects and damage caused by her Chemotherapy regimen but to combat cancer.We as parents feel that using cannabis has been the best choice we could have made on behalf of Mykayla along her journey. Not only has Cannabis been proven to cause leukemic cell apoptosis (, Mykayla only has to consume a gram of Cannabis Oil daily to counteract the damaging effects and side effects of chemotherapy drugs. The average child undergoing treatment for leukemia has access to and utilizes most of the offered pharmaceutical drugs given to mitigate the same effects. Some of these drugs include narcotic pain relievers, anti-nausea medicines, anti-depressants, laxatives, etc. Most of these drugs have their own unwanted side effects and may or may not counteract or jeopardize the efficacy of one another. Our daughter has been offered in excess of 10 prescription medications throughout her treatment, nearly all of which have been denied. The logic is clear, one natural organic treatment or multiple pharmaceutical chemical based drugs for a child already going through so much”

After reading the above story, I was greatly intrigued about this plant and did some online search for information about the plant , its uses ,etc and here is what I got

Marijuana (Cannabis sativa , C. indica, C. ruderalis) is a member of the Cannabaceae Family. The genus name, sativa means “with a long history of cultivation.” It also is known as Ganja, Dagga, Bhang, Indian Dreamer, Grass, Pot, Reefer and Tea. Hemp is the name used when discussing the industrial and nonpsychoactive uses of the plant. The name marijuana is a term from Mexican Spanish meaning “intoxicant.”

Reading the above text , I was tempted to search for the use of the plant in Ayurveda , a medicine system native to India . Ayurveda uses only natural herbs,spices for treatment. It’s history dates back to thousands of years and is still in practice till today. It is said to be a powerful way of medication and if misused , will lead to dangerous consequences. The below words are stated in it , proves the caution assocaited with it.

Medicine When Properly Used Becomes Nectar And When Improperly Used Becomes Poison. This applies to the use of Cannabis in this case.

Coming to the use of cannabis in Ayurveda , Some cannabis formulas are designed to enhance reproductive health. Currently cannabis is used widely to counter the symptoms of old age: body aches, lack of hunger etc. Additionally it may be used in a variety of vyadhis or ayurvedic diseases where pain is a main component. It is also occasionally used for mental health (convulsions and autism), especially by encouraging sleep and countering stress response.

It is extremely important to remember that cannabis is never used alone in Ayurveda but always balanced by other herbs and foods. It is a powerful substance and needs to be treated with the respect that any powerful substance is treated with. It is said that there are no side-effects to Ayurvedic medicines. This implies that medicines are correctly chosen, taken in the proper quantity, and for the proper duration. When taken inappropriately the effects of the medicines will create imbalance. Cannabis is never used alone in India, but mixed with other herbs that balance out its less desirable effects.

Research also indicates that loss of mental stability is one significant side-effect from recreational marijuana use. In Ayurveda the Sanskrit term Unmaada means a profound impairment of judgement, perception and clarity.

The cause of Unmaada is multifold:
1) The aggravation of the doshas (diseases)
2) Regimens not conducive to health
3) Uses of substances or behaviors not conducive to health(Intake of other drugs)

These conditions can cause the mind and intellect to lose their state of balance. Unmaada is characterized by perversion of the mind, intellect, consciousness, memory, desire, manners, behavior and conduct.

So reading many more texts about this herb, I came to the conclusion , the herb when properly used delivers good results but when abused has very bad effects .

But seeing Mykayla’s photos posted by her parents in facebook , I think that the plant has been properly utilized and not abused. I wish that she should have a speedy recovery and lead a very happy life soon!

Disclaimer: The above article is a mere collection of facts and cannot be held responsible for the validity of the article and the facts stated in it.



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