Tesla now has 325,000 orders of Model 3

Tesla’s entry level electric sedan named Model 3 was released on March 31st ,2016. It is piped to be a game changer for the manufacturer by leveraging its capabilities to create a product targeted towards the masses and it has an attractive price tag of USD$35,000.

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Tesla model 3

The specs are true and the car does live up to its expectation. The Model 3 could be the trend maker. And  yes, the Model 3 has indeed created interest among the population , 325000 people to be exact have paid USD$1000 on pre-booking reservations. The company has promised to deliver the cars to the customers by late 2017.

Tesla Model 3 Specs

Tesla assures that the Model 3 is expected to give a range of 215 miles (346 km) on a single charge and would be able to go from 0-60mph or 0-100 kmph in just under 6 seconds. It would be able to seat 5 adults comfortably , has autopilot software. It also has a supercharging facility.

If Tesla manages to make this car a commercial realty , then this car would become the cash cow for the firm. But this also makes us wonder as to how Tesla would manage to deliver such a huge number of cars in a quick span of time.

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