Do this before you start RPA in your organization

Robotic Process Automation or RPA is the current trend in organizations aiming towards higher productivity at lower costs. The benefits from RPA implementation in a Business Process can be increased greatly if this Process streamlining is performed. If done effectively, they would improve the end benefits to a greater extent.

Do this before you start RPA in your organization

Prior to starting RPA Implementation, having a Lean Champion to streamline the Business process via Lean Management techniques will tremendously increase the scope of RPA, which will in turn lead to greater results. Many organizations miss out this step in their race for getting the business processes automated.

Business Leaders must understand that current RPA technologies are far more advanced in capabilities than the simple macro based automation that we had to begin with. Hence they would require a different approach than the regular plug-n-play style.

Saying that, RPA would of course produce results even in the former cases of implementation. However it would be like driving a Race Car for your Grocery needs.

All the best for your RPA journey!

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