Sleep Better With These 5 Science Proven Ways

Sleep better with these steps

To make sure you wake up feeling fresh every day and your body gets the rest it needs, we compiled the following 5 science proven methods for you to sleep better.

1. Keep your bedroom free from electronic devices

Yes, you’ve read it right. The list includes your Television, Laptops, Electronic Tablets, and your mobile devices. These devices can keep you up all night. It is also mentioned in several research articles that these devices emit electromagnetic radiation that could disturb your sleeping patterns. So keep them in a different room.

2. Darkness helps you sleep better

Sleeping in complete darkness helps your signal your body that its time to sleep. Your body also produces Melatonin, a hormone that is responsible for inducing a sound slumber. Melatonin works better in darkness. It will also make sure that you will wake up the next morning feeling fresh.

3. Keep your surroundings cool

Keeping your bedroom cool will naturally induce your body to go into a sleeping mode. It is also more comfortable to sleep in a cool room. So switch on your AC and fans with the temperature set around 27 degrees celsius.

4. Keep your Caffeine intake low

It is advisable to reduce/ eliminate any caffeine intake near your slumber time. They rev up your system and block sleep-inducing hormones. These kinds of drinks could throw your biological sleep pattern into a mess. Hence, stop drinking any kind of caffeine from the evening part of the day.

5. Maintain your sleep timings

Try to maintain a constant sleeping time, both on your weekdays and weekends. This will ensure your biological clock to tune in well. You will also sleep and waken up without feeling groggy. Following the above steps will ensure that you are rested well. And a bonus is that your productivity in the following day will be touching new levels. Also, read this article of ours where we give 10 easy ways to amp your productivity!

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