Detailed Review of Super AntiSpyware Pro

Detailed Review of Super AntiSpyware Pro

Hey Guys, We reviewed “Super AntiSpyware Pro” recently and we were pleasantly surprised with its performance.

Review Methodology followed for Super Antispyware Pro

Before going into the actual review of the product, we’ll tell a little about how our testing is done. We call it the “Acid Test” because we’ll grill the software to its limits. Our testing composes of two platforms, a PC that runs on a single-core Pentium 4 PC with 1 GB Ram and a Laptop that runs on Dual Core Pentium Processors and 3 GB Ram. We believe that if the software works well in these two systems, it must be able to work in Upper-end systems flawlessly.

Coming to our review of the “Super AntiSpyware Pro”, we purposely introduced few commonly found Trojans into the PC (Yeah, We are that bad!) and installed the software in it. The size of the software after completion of the installation process is extremely small when compared to the footprint left by the other majors in this field.

The interface is no-frills, no-flashy stuff style. All the options are easy to reach but appear a bit cluttered. We hope it will get better in the upcoming versions. But we found the options to be straight-forward and easy to understand.

We started a complete scan of the PC. “Super AntiSpyware Pro” completed the scan in less than 45 minutes (80 GB HDD) in High Boost Mode. It discovered and eliminated all the threats successfully. However a word of caution here, it is so thorough in search, it will classify all the cookies set by your online email client as tracing cookies. Also, any keygen, patches that you had for piracy will join this list.

Detailed Review of Super AntiSpyware Pro

We repeated the same with the laptop, and it completed the scan in less than 45 minutes. This time, it was 300+GB of data processed with Dual Core Processors coupled with 3 GB RAM. All the threats were successfully eliminated again. We were satisfied with the scanning speed, detection rate, and the load imposed on the processor in real-time protection mode.

At the end of this testing process, we concluded that “Super AntiSpyware Pro” is a great tool for Spyware elimination and is usable by even novice users.

We are looking forward to more advanced versions of “Super AntiSpyware Pro” soon.

We know that risks and dangers are lurking everywhere on the Internet. Read this article to easily protect yourself and your loved ones from dangers on the internet!


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