Our Review of ACT Fibernet Service in India!

After our bad experience with Airtel Broadband (we’ll write more on that in a separate post), we scouted for a better service provider in our area. Bangalore being the silicon city of India has a ton of Internet service providers (a.k.a ISP) ranging from small-scale local providers to mega firms. Adding to that, Reliance came up with Jio that totally shocked the market paving way for low-cost, high-speed 4G Internet (Yep, it was pure awesomeness) . After a lot of filtering through, we finally zeroed on ACT Fibernet. Read on to see why we did the same.

Why did we select ACT Fibernet?


Initial Experience – Signup & Installation

Once finalized, we visited the ACT Website where we signed up for an ACT Fibernet connection in our place. The next day, we got a call from the ACT Salesperson who explained the plans and the benefits. We shortlisted a suitable plan and the salesperson visited us in person to get the forms filled up. Once done, we had to wait for almost a week (sigh) to get our routers installed and for the connection to go active. We have to admit, the wait for the connection to be activated post payment of fees was a little disappointing and also made us doubt their service quality.

Usage – Speed & Connectivity

Once activated, we tested the speed and ping rates. They were as promised and the connection haven’t dropped even once till now (fingers  crossed) which is vital for heavy data users like us. The fiber connection proved to be real upgrade from the earlier copper cable based connections which we had earlier.

Service – Shifting Request

Three months into usage, we wanted to shift our ACT Fibernet connection to our new location. This process involved raising a ticket, providing address proof documents. The time taken from raising the ticket to the actual shifting of our Fibernet broadband lines took almost 10 days. Finally after what seems to eons of waiting, our connection was shifted we were charged Rs.650  for the same. Post shifting , the connection quality was tested and it met our expectations.

Final Verdict

Our Final verdict would be that ACT Fibernet is good choice to go ahead. The service provider certainly scores points in terms of the Internet service and speed quality as well. However the service wait/delay could certainly be improved from the current average of a week. Do try them and let us know what you think about their service in the comments below.

Note: This IS NOT a paid review. Although TechHoot.com accepts review requests, we DO NOT compromise on delivering quality content to our readership.

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