Pacific Rim Uprising – Official Trailer

SO, We have a new trailer for the Pacific Rim sequel titled “Pacific Rim Uprising”.

Pacific Rim Uprising Poster

Judging by this trailer, the film looks promising to tick off the “fan favorite” box in that checklist. Part of what made Pacific Rim so beloved, and so lovingly crafted, was that it was del Toro’s passion project, the kind of “Giant Robots versus Giant Monsters” movie that he’d always wanted to make. Boyega, who is also the producer of the film, went so far as to call del Toro’s world “sacred science fiction ground” and promised the sequel is “everything you want Pacific Rim to be.” So clearly, there’s passion.

Another passion play DeKnight’s film has is the return of Kikuchi as Mako Mori, the jaeger pilot and undeniable hero of Pacific Rim. Presumably the first trailer was intended to introduce the new cast (and jaegers and kaiju) instead of touting returning players, its success as a continuation of the franchise will depend on how its returning heroine.

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