Microsoft reportedly developing its own ARM-based chips for Surface PCs

Microsoft Surface Tablet

It sounds like Apple isn’t the only company that wants to reduce its reliance on Intel. According to Bloomberg, Microsoft is developing in-house ARM processors to power its Surface devices and cloud infrastructure. While there aren’t many details on the project yet, Bloomberg reports the company is working on a chip that it plans to use in its data centers. It’s also exploring the option of using that same design in its Surface lineup of computers.

While Microsoft has dabbled with ARM chips in the past, as far as its Surface computers are involved, this would be a significant departure. The Surface Pro X’s custom SQ1 processor is based on an existing Qualcomm design, and Microsoft worked with the chipmaker to augment the chipset to its needs. Microsoft has at least been considering making more ARM-based computers for a while. In 2018, a report came out that said Microsoft had considered using an ARM-based chip in the original Surface Go but opted not to after Intel had reportedly petitioned the company against the idea.

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