Quick review of HTC 10 , a game changer

HTC released a new smartphone this Tuesday called the “HTC 10”. The firm has taken a break from its predecessor releases like the One M branding as well as the designs. It is given a fresh new design , one that HTC used to be good at. The unwanted elements have been done away with. The smartphone is lean and mean.

HTC 10 | A quick review

HTC 10 Hardware

The trademark speaker grills as well as the bar that generally bears the HTC logo have gone. HTC 10 has a premium aluminium body finish. There are two speakers , one in the front and the other in the back. Both delivers good performance. The 12.0 megapixel camera is promised to be good. It can deliver performance even in low light conditions. It is touted to be the World’s first smartphone camera with optical image stabilization. The buttons are well designed with grooves on them.

HTC 10 | A quick review

HTC 10 Software

The smartphone comes with Android 6.0 with HTC Sense. It has done away with its own apps that were offering duplicate functions. “Less is More” seems to be the motto for this phone and seems to worked out well this time. HTC also has used the “Android 6.0 adoptable storage feature” in this release. This allows the smartphone to use the SD card storage as part of internal memory. Considering the fact that this smartphone supports micro SD memory upto 2 TB , this is of huge benefit to the users.

Price of HTC 10

The price tag of HTC 10 is supposed to be $699 or around Rs.46,000 in India. This is going to clash with Samsung’s recent release of their flagship smartphones , the S7 and S7 edge .With the release of this model, HTC is sure poised to claw back its title of Premium Smartphone Brand of Android phones.

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