How to Increase battery life Of Android smartphone?

 Tech NewsHow To Increase Battery Life Of Android PhonesIf you are not using your Android phone properly, chances are battery of Android mobile phone drains out very fast. If you follow some simple tricks, you can easily improve the battery life of your smartphone.

Following are the simple tips and tricks you can use , even if you are someone who is new to Android smartphone.

Steps to increase battery life of Android smartphones

Reduce the Screen Brightness Level

Bright screens usually consume lots of battery power. So, in order to save the battery power and improve the battery life, reduce the screen brightness as much as you can – off course without putting much strain on your eyes. To change the brightness level, go to Settings -> Display -> Brightness. Some Android smartphones have the “auto” function so that it becomes brighter in outdoors and darker indoors.

Disable WiFi

If you would like to improve the battery life of your Android smartphone, you should keep the WiFi disabled, by default. Only when you need to use it – turn on it! I have seen many people having it enabled even though never use it – which is obviously not a good practice.

Disable Bluetooth

Just like WiFi, the Bluetooth functionality also uses significant amount of battery. You should turn it on when it is required. This will again help you in improving the battery life.

Keep GPS off Until Required

If your smartphone has GPS, you should turn it off when not required. Though it consumes very little amount of battery, but its wise to keep it off unless it is required. Disable Sync and Other Apps that are not Required Disable sync as it will not only save the battery life of your Android smartphone, it will also make it run faster. Same with all other apps – if you don’t need them, just go and disable them!

Remove Unnecessary calendars

Remove all those unnecessary calendars from your Android smartphone except your own calendar – and sync it. This will help you to improve battery life as well as save some memory. You can do it by following these steps: Go to Menu – More – My calendars – Menu – then “Remove calendars” and here remove all calendars: except your own calendar.

Kill Processes that are not Required

There are some processes that are not required in background, they keep running. These processes also consume battery life as well as RAM. You can manually kill all of the unnecessary processes. Most of the Android smartphones have some in-built apps such as task manager to kill processes. If you don’t have one, you can download it from Android market.

Choose Wallpapers Carefully

If you do use wallpapers, it is a good idea to use dark wallpapers. Bright ones, especially white, consume more battery power. Avoid using live wallpapers, use static wallpapers. These were some of the tricks that you can use to improve the battery life of your Android smartphone.

If you know of any other trick that I may have missed in the above list, please share in comments below.


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