Freedom 251 from Ringing Bells – The Pros and the Cons

The Freedom 251 smartphone was released by its manufacturer Ringing Bells in India recently and it is the cheapest smartphone available in the market as of now.

Freedom 251 Ringing Bells

Running Android 5.1, it sounds to be a decent phone with the specification on paper. But the real highlight here is that it is available for Rs.251, which is roughly around USD 4$. Getting a smartphone at this price is unbelievable.

The Concerns about Freedom 251:

However, there are some points for concern about the phone which is listed below.

  • The Freedom 251 smartphone given to many Journal houses for review has an “Adcom” label on the phone which has been covered with a sticker or with whitener. Adcom is a Delhi-based importer of IT products and deals with mobiles and Tablets.
  • From the looks of it, the smartphone looks very similar to Apple’s iPhone. Even the icons are similar in design!
  • That’s not the only cause for concern though. All phones sold in India must be certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Getting this certification done is tough and takes time. However, it appears that the BIS registration of the Ringing Bells Freedom 251 has not been done, as it is not listed in the list of manufacturers registered by BIS. This means that if the phone is a new device made by Ringing Bells, then it has not been certified as safe for use in India.
  • There are even extraordinary claims that this is an elaborate Ponzi scheme in progress since the business doesn’t look sustainable, feasible, and looks doubtful. This is the concern of everyone include the industry peers.
  • On February 18th, the company’s website crashed after getting almost half a million hits every second. The company officials claim that they have successfully received 2.5 million order bookings for their phone on that day, which they claim that will be delivered from April.

The Indian Govt is having a keen eye on the business since it involves the interests of such a huge number of consumers. Will it be a revolution in the Telecom industry or will it turn to be a scam? Only time can answer that question. Until then, we just have to wait.

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