The easy fix for your frustrating Computer Monitor Display issues!

Easy fixes for your frustrating Computer Monitor Display issues!

Imagine you are preparing for that super important video call and see that your PC monitor display starting to flicker or worse, just doesn’t show anything. We feel your frustration, especially in this Covid19 times can be quite tough on anyone.

Computer monitor problems can be the result of several culprits, including electrical and cabling issues, interference, a problem with the computer’s video adapter or drivers, or a problem with the monitor itself.

Follow these Easy checks to diagnose and fix your PC Monitor Display problems

  • Check for loose electrical and VGA cables. Remove the electric cord from the back of the monitor, then put it back in place. Remove the VGA cable from the computer and monitor and put it back in place. Make sure the connection is tight. If you’re using a cable extender, remove it. If the cable is damaged, replace it with an Amazon Basics cable. It’s value for money. Check out these good quality HDMI, VGA Cables that we use!
  • Plug the monitor’s electric cord into a different outlet. If you are using a UPS or surge protector, plug the display directly into a wall outlet. If it works now, the power adapter is dead. Replace it with a new one.
  • Attach the monitor to a different computer. If the monitor still doesn’t work, replace the monitor’s cable. Make sure the cable is less than 5 feet long. If it still doesn’t work, the monitor will need to be replaced or repaired. If it works with no problem on the other computer, troubleshoot your video card.
  • Unplug your computer from the monitor and power outlet. Remove the cover. Pull the video card out of the slot on the system board. Push it back into place. Be sure the connection is secure.
Easy fixes for your frustrating Computer Monitor Display issues !
  • Reinstall the video card drivers. Download a new version of the drivers from the manufacturer’s website if necessary.
  • Right-click a blank area of your Desktop. Choose “Properties” from the display menu. Click the “Settings” tab. Try different screen resolutions to resolve the problem.
  • Determine whether the problem is caused by electrical interference. Electrical interference will make the monitor appear jumpy or wavy. Move any speakers, radios, fans.

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If none of the above steps seems to work, then it’s time for you to buy a new PC display.

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  1. When I turn on my monitor, I looks normal until like 2 seconds then the brightness goes all the way can barely see the screen and the brightness is all the way up but it’s not. What is the problem?

    1. If you’re using Windows 10, try disabling the “Adaptive brightness” option. And clean the sensor area on your display with a clean cloth. Do let us know if this fixes your problem.

  2. My monitor shows that not optimum mode recommendedmode 1366×768 60Hz…display not available everythingis okay

    1. We believe you would have changed the resolution setting recently (Installed a new graphics card maybe?)

      In that case, change the screen resolution to a lower setting in Windows (Search for “Display Settings” if you are using Windows 10). After that, open your graphics card application (E.g. Nvidia) and then change the resolution to match with the Windows setting. That should fix your issue.

      Do let us know if this works! Please like our page on Facebook!

    1. Go with this order of fixing – reinstall the drivers, replace the VGA/HDMI cables and the monitor. Good luck!

  3. my xbox is connected to my monitor and when I turn on my monitor the display is really glitchy, there are colorful lines everywhere but I can faintly see my game playing through the lines

  4. may i ask question plz help me. when i open my computer there is no signal in a few seconds the welcome will appear then i can use my computer but every time i play a crash. is my problem a driver or the monitor? my sleep button and display resolution is also gone

    1. I think your monitor is perfectly fine. Try reinstalling your Windows/Mac OS. That should fix your crashing issues. Also, I hope your PC hardware meets the games Hardware requirements.

  5. Monitors keeps on “Check Signal Cable” ‘Analog’ on my screen. I tried inserting a different cable still doesn’t work.

    1. There are two steps to diagnose this:
      1. Try connecting your monitor to a laptop or another computer. If it works, then the VGA/HDMI port in your PC needs to be replaced.
      2. If 1 fails, then use the alternative cable to connect with your laptop. If the monitor still doesn’t work, try with a new cable.
      If both of the above steps fail, then the monitor’s ports have to be fixed or replaced.

    1. Check for loose power or PC cable connections. If they are fine and you still have this issue, then it’s time to buy a new monitor.

  6. My pc monitor not display. Full white color of background. Not shown. Can solve this problem or new monitor connect?

  7. My display on my PC is like the Win Logo has white borders, the far right bottom buttons also have white border how can I fix this? Ill send the pic to you

    1. Try to reinstall the correct drivers and check for loose cables. If none of these fixes the issue, then it’s a dead pixel. Best way forward is to replace with a new display.

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