Disappearing Messages in WhatsApp – New Release

Disappearing Messages – This feature has been a favorite of social media users and is a popular demand from WhatsApp as well. This feature is speculated to be under development and under testing for some time now. The feature of disappearing messages on WhatsApp has been under speculation for quite some time. As per the latest news, the feature is rolled out in tranches for regular users as well in tranches.

Disappearing Messages in WhatsApp - New Release

‘Delete messages’ have arrived on WhatsApp beta for Android in the 2.19.348 update. The feature allows for setting the duration of how long the messages will last before they are deleted. The feature is only available in group chats for now. It is yet to arrive for individual chats apparently.

The renaming of the feature to ‘Delete messages’ is also visible on WhatsApp beta for iOS since the update. There has been sources that the same feature is available for iOS users as well, although this has not been confirmed yet officially.

Prioritizing this feature for group messages first has a good reason behind it. This feature will ensure that old messages would be automatically deleted once their purpose is fulfilled. This is helpful especially in the very active groups where we receive frequent messages on a regular basis. For example, an announcement for an event can be set to automatically delete a day after the event is over. This feature is only accessible to group admins.

The users are also looking for the introduction of features to private chats which will enhance privacy as well (Read our article about Facebook’s free basics hit by Net Neutrality). But only time will tell when and whether it will be introduced. Until then, let’s keep our fingers crossed. Happy Holidays folks!

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