Daimler & Geely to jointly develop Engine for hybrid applications

Daimler & Geely to jointly develop Engine for hybrid  applications

Daimler announced that they plan to develop next-gen Hybrid Powertrains with Geely Holding jointly. This is central to the development of a highly efficient Gasoline engine.

This initiative was announced as a joint statement by the German and Chinese auto giant.  They stated that these new hybrid powertrains could feature in their respective brands. Daimler announced that these engines could feature in their Daimler Brand while Geely focuses on Volvo.

The new engine is guessed to be a 4 cylinder block type and built across plants in China and Europe. Mercedes Benz Drive Systems will oversee the production for the same.

Daimler research head Markus Schaefer said: “By 2030 more than half of our passenger car sales will be comprised of plug-in hybrids or purely electric vehicles. We are looking forward to the future; when, together with Volvo’s ICE unit and Geely, we will further extend our synergies in the field of highly efficient drivetrain systems in China and the world. The newly established Mercedes-Benz Drive Systems will spearhead the project and create cost efficiencies.

An Conghui, CEO of Geely Auto, said: “This project reflects the need for economies of scale and targeted research and development investment in clean and highly efficient powertrains and hybrid drive systems and their applications.”

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