Beginners Guide to C Programming

Beginners Guide to C Programming

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This e-tutorial “Beginner’s guide to C programming” written by Sindu Naraayanan can be described by one word “Simplicity“. Yes , It is written in the most lucid manner that even rookies can get hold of it in the first reading.It provides the reader with basic skills of “C” programming that are useful throughout the C programming life of a person .

C is a remarkable language. Designed originally by one man, Dennis Ritchie, working at AT&T Bell Laboratories in New Jersey, it has increased in use until now it may well be one of the most widely-written computer languages in the world. The success of C is due to a number of factors, none of them key, but all of them important. Perhaps the most significant of all is that C was developed by real practitioners of programming and was designed for practical day-to-day use, not for show or for demonstration. Like any well-designed tool, it falls easily to the hand and feels good to use. Instead of providing constraints, checks and rigorous boundaries, it concentrates on providing you with power and on not getting in your way.

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