Did Apple’s iPhone SE miss its mark in India?

Apple launched its new iPhone SE , a shiny 4 inch phone at a shocking price of Rs.39,000. This has come as a shock to even the loyalists of the brand. This has been reflected in the absence of hype that is usually associated with Apple products.

Apple iPhone SE

iPhone SE specification

Powered by an A9 processor, 4″ retina display and a 12MP camera , it still doesn’t match up to its price tag. Many see this as way for Apple to boost its revenue in developing markets with the fat margin products. This suspicion is strengthened by the IHS report. The report states that the manufacturing cost of iPhone SE is just around Rs.11,000.

The reason for Apple to go back to making 4 inch phones is still a mystery. A common consensus is that there was a growing demand among its fans for a power phone with a 4″ display. Thus Apple came with iPhone SE. But with the very weak demand among the Apple loyalists, it is hard not to wonder how Apple is going to manage the sales.

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